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About Me

Hi! My name is Zoë and I'm a Web Developer and Designer.
My love for code began after struggling with the limitations of a website builder, so from then on I jumped straight into learning all about Web Development and more so I could design and build fabulous looking, user friendly websites! I am continuously learning new skills and growing my skillset to keep improving and expanding my skills.

Front-End Skills

I absolutely love creating great looking websites that are user friendly and fully responsive. I can develop and customize sites for individuals or businesses and I have experience editing and updating existing websites and dynamic web applications. Depending on the clients needs, I can hand code websites or create them using WordPress.

Design Skills

I love making fully responsive and mobile-first websites, with over half of web traffic coming from mobiles and tablets it's a must have! I have experience in UX/UI Design, wireframing and am fully comfortable working with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, enabling me to create logos, work with website mockups & optimize images.

Back-End Skills

I have experience with the WordPress Content Management System (CMS). I can install & customize themes, build upon existing themes, use a wide range of plugins, design contact forms, custom page templates and post types. I also have experience working with MySQL, Git, GitHub and node.js.

77 % of people prefer Batman to Superman. He's my fav superhero!

10.3 Million people watched Breaking Bad. Fav series of all time!

1985 "Great Scott" the year of Back to the Future. Best film from my childhood!

29 Albums released by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Best band ever!


What I do

Web Design

Elegant and bespoke websites tailored to you and your business that will impress and engage your visitors.

Mobile Responsive

All websites are fully responsive, meaning your website will dynamically adapt to device, screen and browser width.

Web Development

Bespoke functionality for your website or
e-commerce store giving a fantastic user experience and function brilliantly.

Web Maintenance

After your website has launched I can
help take care of any updates and
amendments you wish to make.

Brand Identity

Branding is one of the most important aspects of any business, large or small.
Let's make your identity come to life.

Web Hosting

Offering fast, reliable and cheap web hosting from my hosting partners with great customer service and support.


recent work

Website Design

  • Client :Rockwell Jewellers

Rockwell Jewellers is a fully responsive website created for demo purpose. I wanted to showcase a user friendly e-commerce website that was fresh, modern and really shows off the pieces of jewellery.

The home page has lots of great banners and images highlighting the different collections with some nice animations running through the page, a dropdown navbar as well as an integrated Instagram account. There is also a useful search option and the option to view the basket and its contents which is visible on every page. The shop has some great features including category filters to easily navigate around the products, related products so customers can view similar pieces of jewellery and multiple product images.

Please note that not all the functions are fully working as it is a demo page.

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Website Design

  • Client :Platt Boutique Jewelry

Platt Boutique Jewelry are a fabulous jewelry shop based in LA. They specialize in original vintage engagement rings and unique antique jewelry.

Larry wanted a clean, crisp and modern looking coming soon website. He wanted it to include his contact details and links to his social media so his customers could still get in touch and see the jewelry for sale. I also included an About Page to give a bit more information about them, included a notify button so his customers can be informed when his new website is launching and added some nice diamond animations into the pages.

I am currently building Platt Boutique Jewelry a brand new website. Their old site was very outdated, not responsive and was not doing their amazing products the justice they deserve. Their new site is going to be fresh and modern and include a fabulous e-commerce store and of course be fully responsive - come back and see it soon!

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Website Design

  • Client :Element Jewellery Photography

Element Jewellery Photography specialise in fine, antique and contemporary jewellery & watch photography. They offer a quality retouching service for watches and jewellery and also create bespoke images and videos for advertising, publication and social media.

Mark wanted a new website that really shows off his photography as well as being informative about the different services offered. Mark was specific about his website being dark to show off his images and also have colours that work well with his existing logo. I made the website user friendly with a nice side navbar and added some excellent filter galleries to really show off the different categories and styles of his work. An Instagram feed was integrated on to the home page and I included some nice sliding elements throughout the site as well as a working watch in the footer using his photography.

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Website Design

  • Client :Woolfmeister Fitness Valencia

Woolfmeister Fitness Valencia offers a wide range of fitness classes in and around the area of Valencia.

Kim asked me to create a new website and brand identity for her fitness business. She wanted her new website to showcase the services she offers and the branding to better reflect her unique character. Kim’s brief was for the website to be fresh and modern, include information about each of the classes she teaches and include the location and times. Other than this she was very happy to leave everything else in my hands.

Her website includes some nice animations to make the website flow nicely and gives a great effect on her class schedule so her users can choose the days they want to attend and see the classes available. I also created a new logo, chose fonts and colors and made sure the website was easy to navigate as well as working on all devices.

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Website Design

  • Client :Sara-Jane Barber | Online Business Strategist

Sara-Jane Barber is an Online Business Strategist. She coaches people who have the inner desire to leave their corporate jobs or change their career, be their own boss and turn their business idea into a reality.

Sara-Jane wanted a nice clean website that was easy to use, all on brand, have nice clear sections, call to actions and she wanted her users to be able to sign up and receive a freebie. We worked together to create photos and the general look and feel of the website. She then allowed me free rein to be creative, choose fonts, colors and design a new logo that fits better with her new look and keep everything on brand.

Her website also includes a great pop up form so her users can access a cool freebie to help decide if they should start their own business. A nice contact form which allows the user to answer a series of questions from dropdown boxes as well as space to write their own answers. Sara-Jane has had excellent feedback from her website and has been invited to be part of the 2019 Women in Business Summit in London.

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Website Design

  • Client :Audrey Haywood Weddings

Audrey Haywood has been a wedding planner for the last 10 years. She has planned over 60 weddings in and around the Hertfordshire area.

Audrey wanted to have a visually appealing and inviting looking website for brides to come and view her wedding planning services. The website is a one page site and has clear sections showing the different services she provides. It includes a slider to show photos of all her happy couples and on hover you can view their names and wedding date. It also includes a contact form, links to social media and is fully responsive.

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Website Design

  • Client :Natours

Natours is a modern looking one page website for a company offering tours in nature. It was created as a project using advanced CSS and Sass.

The website has some great design elements and lots of different animation effects throughout the page including animated cards which flip on hover, a pure CSS popup, background video, booking form with different effects and custom designed radio buttons.

This Natours site also includes using advanced responsive design workflows, responsive images for faster page loads with resolution switching, density switching and art direction, advanced CSS selectors and using the NPM ecosystem.

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Website Design

  • Client :Weddings by Claire

Specialising in creating bespoke weddings that are perfectly planned, Weddings by Claire design and deliver timelessly classic weddings with contemporary twists.

This single page website showcases Claire’s wedding planning services. She wanted something visually appealing for her brides and grooms and an easy to use site. The website includes some great animation including a gallery, fun facts, testimonials and shows all Claire’s services – all on one page!

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Website Design

  • Client :Nexter

Nexter is a realtor website that sells luxury homes around all the world. This website was was created as a project using advanced CSS and Sass.

This website has modern responsive design with the entire layout built using the CSS grid, the CSS grid is then used in smaller components all throughout the site. There are different sections including the top 3 realtors, top houses for sale, an image gallery and some subtle hover effects.

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Website Design

  • Client :Trillo

Trillo is an all in one booking app where the user can book a hotel, flight, car or a tour. It was created as a project using advanced CSS and Sass.

This website has a modern responsive design using Flexbox and includes different sections including a hotel overview, pictures, user reviews and a booking section. There are lots of hover effects, animations and the website uses svg icons.

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Website Design

  • Client :Barcelona Code School

This is a complete clone of the Barcelona Code School Website. I used HTML, CSS & Bootstrap to create this website. The website has four pages and includes:

  • A home page with contact details, an embedded video, different sections with information and successful outcomes with students who took their courses
  • Course page with full details and a contact form
  • All future course dates, details and a sign up button
  • Staff photos and bios
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Website Design

  • Client :White Rabbit Tattoos

White Rabbit Tattoos is a fabulous tattoo shop offering a range of services including tattoos, piercings, tattoo removal and gift vouchers.

White Rabbit Tattoos had a very outdated website that wasn’t mobile responsive. They wanted a new modern looking website that would showcase their services and tattoo artists as well as working on all devices.

Their new site is user friendly, easy to navigate and has lots of call to actions. The site has clear sections easily showing their services and users can easily book an appointment. There are nice clear pages showing off each artist within the shop, lots of images of their tattoos and a link to each artists Instagram page.

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